Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Saga Fiore VR4

Proton Saga thn 1989 magma )
Some specs:
Engine4G63T VR4 ( standard ) ( intercooler TURBO)
220 Hp
Blizt Blow Off
Intercooler VR4 220 Hp

Kaler Champion White
Fiore bumper, fender
Lips Super Touring P/USide Skirt GSr ( Fiber)
Spoiler BMW E30
Rim TE37 Volk Racing 17″ 8 lubang ( bukan Ori lerr..)
Tayar KUMHO 205/40/17
Oldscool antenna ( ade spring tuhh..)
Side Mirror MMC ( auto)
Ekzos JASMA super dragger

VR4 with Spring MAZDA BD + Inject MINYAk ( Front)
Spring Sport ( belakang)
Absober KAYABA ( blkg)

Meter VR4 2 kaler ( OREN, HIJAU)
Boost meter K’S ( brand hafcut)
Stereng MOMO COURSE 14”
Gear Knob MOMO
Turbo Timer brand RAZO second model
Seat bucket cam ayam…(SSCUS brand)
Wira 1.6 with Arm REST ( blkg)
ICECD player ( cam ayam..)
Amp 1000 w
Speaker Atec Lansing 500 w (blkgAudio X max + tweeter


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